Lowbrow Opera Collective’s More Than Friends (5/26/23)

I have had five productions of operatic scripts and studied classical singing for a number of years a number of years ago, so when my first Friday night off in over three years loomed, I got on the 18th and Union web site and pounced on the young opera effort.


Fortunately, the live event is sold out, though streaming tickets are available -- unfortunately you will not be able to avail yourself of the ambiance of lean and hungry young art, sit on couches backstage, or overdo it with wine in plastic cups.

For a good price.

As are the tickets, which go for a sliding scale starting at $10, always a good bet for fellow artists. It is almost an industry night every night!

From what I can tell from this production, there is no down side to getting a degree in vocal performance. I don’t care. You can get a job. There are all kinds of jobs, and you can get trained to do all kinds of non-technical things. The corporate world is full of training. They take you because you are a reasonable, smart, young body. They sit you in a cubicle. If you know how to use Microsoft products, which anyone with a degree in vocal performance would know how to do, you can have a job. So don’t worry. Just sing.

Although, being a would-be classicist, I have to shout out to Achilles, my favorite of the triptych was the Emily Dickinson piece. Wow. 


So stream it, and be sure to have a cup of wine.

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