Opera Libretti

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Seattle Opera commissioned Joann Farias to write the script La Casa Verdi (based on a concept by Chuck Hudson). Retired opera singers in the Italian retirement home funded by the composer Verdi reminisce about their lives and careers as singers present snippets of the “greatest hits” of opera.  

This humorous opera pastiche show was also produced by Opera Idaho

Orpheus Sings of Love followed the successful run of La Casa Verdi. Another opera pastiche show, it follows the theme of love, death, and opera using the Orpheus motif throughout the history of opera.   

Houston Grand Opera commissioned composer David Hanlon and Joann Farias to create Past the Checkpoints, a 40-minute touring opera based on the life of trumpet player David Moreno, a young musician who spent his early years hiding the fact that he was illegal while playing the trumpet for all he was worth.  

Should David be modest and unassuming in order to avoid the attention of the authorities, or should he stand and play his song like the triumphant young musician that he is? He and his music teacher, Mr. Garcia, solve the conundrum of his inability to cross the checkpoints by having him attend college at the University of Texas-Pan Am and switch from classical to mariachi. He eventually played for the nationally renowned Mariachi Aztlan. He is now a U.S. citizen, but there are surely many more like him who are not.

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