Those of you familiar with my oeuvre know that a recurring topic in my work is “alternative" spirituality. In 2005 I was awarded an N.E.A. grant to write a play about Mayan culture and traveled to Guatemala to learn the language K’iché that the holy text the Popol Vuh was written in. I have plinked about with my co-ancestral faith of Judaism, which will be touched on here as well. In college, I studied Anglo-Saxon and read the epic poem Beowulf and have recently returned to the study of pre-Christian Germanic shamanism, Old Norse, and Icelandic literature. It is enchanting! 

Let me clearly and unequivocally state that I am not sympathetic to Nazism, white supremacy, white nationalism, or the suppression of any type of disadvantaged minority, especially my own! But I do reserve the right to think and write about pre-Christian shamanism of all types which had a completely different world view to which the concept of skin color and race was not what we think. Travel was far wider in the ancient world than we know, and, as archaeologists are finding out, people with vastly different origins lie buried everywhere.

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